An Artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision

Introduction of the Author

Feels weird, it feels sad at the same time. It took me a long time to realize that I am the author, not the reader. I am the writer, not the speaker. My job is the hardest job in this world and that is to convert thoughts into words and I am still trying to convert my words into an imaginery world where readers can not only enjoy but they can learn. My life is boring, my life is ordinary but the world inside my head is exceptional and full of thoughts. My happiness is not bound on things, places and people. I just need a pen and a paper to write the stories I create all the time. This is the definition of happiness to me.

First, I wrote for the marks and then I wrote for the fame and then I wrote for my pain and in the process, I became a writer who was ashamed of telling others his profession. Wrote many poems with someone else name. One day won an award for my story and people started caring about the artist in me and now I am writing my own book with my real name.  So, yeah life is nothing but a game where every single day people change.

​-Muhammad Asfar Anjum

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