An Artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision

Muhammad Asfar Anjum

Video Editor. Web Developer. Writer.


I am a Video Editor and Animator. I have created a lot of exciting videos with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects

Web Design

I am WordPress Developer. I have created many websites from E-commerce to Personal websites.


I am also a writer. I have written many short stories, poetry. I have also won couple of writing awards.

About Me

Hi people! I'm Asfar, a Brand Identity Expert, Video Editor, Animator and a Web Developer. I have vast experience in the field i listed I tend to combine all of my skills for better outcome. Being creative and seeing things in different ways is a gift and I want to share that gift with others. As a professional, with more than two years of massive work experience I get to work on a variety of exciting projects that engage me with like-minded people. Let's get working on your next great masterpiece!


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All of the websites i have created have mobile friendly responsive designs.


SEO is very important if you are truly looking for generating sales and I can do that for you.


70% of the websites I have created are E-commerce websites with multiple payment gateways.


Security is another important aspect and in order to provide this I recommend installing SSL Certificate on all websites I create and not only that I install various security plugins as well.

Content Creation

I am also a Video Editor and Animator. So if your website has very less content I can surely solve this problem for you.

Link Building

I will be installing a plugin for fixing links as well so that in future you don't face broken links issue.

Contact Me

I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.

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