An Artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision

Muhammad Asfar Anjum

Video Editor. Web Developer. Writer.


I am a Video Editor and Animator. I have created a lot of exciting videos with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects

Web Design

I am WordPress Developer. I have created many websites from E-commerce to Personal websites.


I am also a writer. I have written many short stories, poetry. I have also won couple of writing awards.

About Me

Hi people! I'm Asfar, a Brand Identity Expert, Video Editor, Animator and a Web Developer. I have vast experience in the field i listed I tend to combine all of my skills for better outcome. I'm someone who love working and playing with colors, perfection is important for me, less projects are better than too much work load. Someone who wants to invent things, launch unique projects, develop themes, create piece of art in the digital world. Being creative and seeing things in different ways is a gift and I want to share that gift with others. As a professional, with more than six years of massive work experience I get to work on a variety of exciting projects that engage me with like-minded people. Let's get working on your next great masterpiece!


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All of the websites i have created have mobile friendly responsive designs.


SEO is very important if you are truly looking for generating sales and I can do that for you.


70% of the websites I have created are E-commerce websites with multiple payment gateways.


Security is another important aspect and in order to provide this I recommend installing SSL Certificate on all websites I create and not only that I install various security plugins as well.

Content Creation

I am also a Video Editor and Animator. So if your website has very less content I can surely solve this problem for you.

Link Building

I will be installing a plugin for fixing links as well so that in future you don't face broken links issue.

Contact Me

I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.

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